Sunday, February 25, 2007

IAFBVO... *phew* thats a mouthful!

While reading about with Peter Engel's idea of Traditional Japanese model's all being from a unit, where the kite base has two, the fish base has four, the bird base has eight and so on, I thought "what would it be if I took it past the frog base?" Well, it turned out to be a blintzed frog base. Well, what comes after that? A truly strange base, where, if folded wrong, makes the IAFBVO

IAFBVO stands for Insane Abstract Frog Base Variation Object (you can see why it needed to be represented with letters). It is made up of four frog bases put together, like so:
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Which makes this:
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It's not really all that insane, but I was pretty excited to have a new design!


origami madness said...

heehee... the question is, can you get it to collapse? I haven't managed it yet, but I'm sure it's possible somehow...

Anonymous said...

well, there is a way to make it collapse into a base, but you'd have to figure that out on your own