Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cute little Cat

My latest design was a nice little cat that has been described as a "new-born" kitten. On the french origami forum, there is currently a cat design challenge, which I barely managed to participate in. Deciding against using box pleating for this model (seeing as it would probably take to long), I did what I do best: I guessed. after a while, I figure out that I wasn't going to get the cat out of a waterbomb base like I wanted to, so I used what little knowledge of origami design secrets I had and combined a head part from 1 fifth of the square to a waterbomb base out of the other 4 fifths. I eventually ended up with this:
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the model was quite weird looking at first (not to say that it isn't anymore), but I fixed up the eyes a little to make it look a little less weird
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origami madness said...

...So many posts! did you do this all today?

Anonymous said...

No, in two days!