Monday, May 13, 2013

Piled Higher and Deeper

The title may or may not be stolen from a comic that I read regularly, although it is related to my latest model. That's right, after almost a year of designing nothing I finally sat down and started folding on a break between university and my summer job. I've had the idea for quite some time, but (as the model reflects) I've had little free time to go through with the idea and for the most part I prefer to just relax on that free time. The model is an arm reaching out from pages of a book as though someone (i.e. me) has been sucked into the textbook, and I figure the title "Ack!-ademia" works well. When originally getting a coming up with the book on its own, I managed to "re-design" David Brill's simple little book. The final design uses the same pattern with a bit of extra box pleating on the side. Here is the CP:

The layers get a bit thick in the arm, so I added the diamond in the middle to distribute them a bit better. Moving the diamond left makes a thicker arm but thinner cover (seeing as the extra flap can be hidden under the cover). Unfortunately, I didn't design the model quickly enough so for now I have to post a copy-paper rendition of the model. In my next break between work and school I plan to refold it along with any other design I come up with for the summer.

Ack!-ademia, Ryan MacDonell

Also, for anyone who is going to the OUSA convention this year, I just recently registered and hope to see you there! I've also signed up to teach my Facebook logo at the convention, which I hope that people will enjoy.

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