Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

Ever since I folded my creeper last summer I've been meaning to try out a few more models based on creatures/objects from video games. Oddly, I have a surprising amount of knowledge about popular PC and console games despite the fact that I've played almost none of them. I've never owned a console of any type, and (other than a brief attempt at StarCraft: Brood War when I was younger) I haven't bought or downloaded any PC games either. Even though I haven't player it, I've been particularly interested in Portal since the release of Portal 2, so I thought it would be fun to fold a portal gun. My first few attempts at the portal gun were during this year's OUSA convention in New York. At first I was designing without any reference image, and as a result I missed a lot of important details and colour changes. After getting home and starting fresh with the right image in mind, I ended up with this crease pattern:

Note that I'm trying out a new style in the CP, with different line thickness for folds in the opposite direction. Unwrapping some paper in the front and back gives the white body and handle, while thinning the 3 corner flaps makes the grabby antenna things. Here is my result:

Ack!-ademia, Ryan MacDonell

On a side note, many thanks to everyone I met at the OUSA convention for making it such a great first experience. I would love to return next year, although it depends entirely on where I find a job. Special thanks to Hubert (Sunburst) and Alexis for keeping me company on the ~10 hour bus trip. If you're trying to spot us in photos, just look for the big yellow submarine!


Justin Yu said...

could you please post instructions or make a youtube video? i really want to make this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please make a how to, as a portal 2 fan I really want to make this.

Anonymous said...

Where are the instructions?