Saturday, August 25, 2012


Every so often when browsing through my contacts photos on flickr, I come across a subject that just screams at me to give it a try. I've mentioned in past articles how some folders will just fold the same subject as other folders until suddenly (for example) there are 8 new loon designs by different authors. This time however it was the comment under the photo that got my attention. Juston Hairgrove recently designed a Creeper (from the popular game Minecraft) and wrote "I may revisit the subject matter if I can hone my BP skills enough to put a color change face on it."

My immediate reaction was to make just the face, seeing as I've been making plenty of colour change models lately and the pattern is very simple. The first few drafts from a windmill base turned out to be missing part of the mouth. Also, I realized that the design from the windmill base couldn't possibly be added to a body. My next few drafts worked on making the face from the edge instead so that a body could be added. Pretty soon I started working on the body (despite not intending to), and I could tell right away that I didn't have enough paper to make the closed, seamless form of Juston's model. Instead, I had to deal with an open back and annoying seam down the middle of the body. I also didn't have much to make the legs out of, so my final solution was to simply add a pleat to look like the separation between front and back legs. Here is my crease pattern:

If the CP looks a bit strange, that is because it's actually two CPs combined. Outside of the grey box is the CP for the face pattern. After that, you're left with a rectangle the size of the grey box with the face. The folds shown inside the box are the folds used on the body. With plenty of tweaking, you should end up with something like this little fellow:

Creeper, Ryan MacDonell

But wait, there's more! For the origami artists reading this, I'm sure someone could make a better creeper body than what I made. My original idea was to collaborate with Juston and make a face for his model, but after making it I could tell that there wouldn't be enough paper. If you do make a new body, let me know and I will be happy to feature it here!


mentlegan63 said...

so funny since I play minecraft. And your cp's are so amazing I love them since I'm beginning to design my own models and i can get so much inspiration from you

Buttmunch109 said...

I have absolutely no idea what to do, how do I fold this?