Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Digital Hermit

Two posts in two days? What is the world coming to?

I've actually had a lot of time to fold since the school year in May, but I only recently had the inspiration. Near the end of May, I finally did it: I permanently deleted my facebook account. I had only logged on once or twice since December, and was only keeping it so that I could use facebook chat (without loggin in, thanks to a plugin for Pidgin Messenger). I started considering deleting my account after reading an article by Themba Mabona (Sipho's brother), but ended up hanging onto it for another 5 months.

So why would I delete facebook? Well, facebook is the place to go in order to keep up with old friends. It creates "digital friendship", where you can interact with a friend but not be anywhere near them. Great, that means we're never cut off from anyone! In reality, we are almost completely cut off when it comes to interaction and I can't stand that. At the very least, I want to hear someones voice when I talk to them. For a reason similar to this, I have never owned a cellphone (although my cellphone aversion has more to do with the constant connection you have when you carry one). I don't think facebook and cellphones are bad things, they're just two things that I would rather live without.

Once again I've started to rant, so I'll just talk a little about the model. I enjoy trying to fold logos, so I figured the facebook logo might be a good challenge. I tried a couple different ways of making the "f" on a square background, but my first way ended up working the best. The major problem was the proportions, and once I had that I couldn't find reference points. I ended up having to change the references for each size of paper I tried. On the 2nd try with 10cm kami, I ended up with what you see below.

Facebook Logo, Ryan MacDonell

As it turns out, having a reason to rant is actually a pretty good inspiration to fold something...


OriS said...

I also deleted my account (six months ago). I think facebook is uninteresting and it's a waste of time. Your design is really nice !

Leyla Torres said...

Fun facebook logo design! Thank you for sharing it even if you are not using Facebook.