Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Sore Losers

I'll start off by saying I'm not a hockey fan at all, despite being Canadian. Yes, I folded a model just so I could rant.

I've seen a lot of different news and videos from Vancouver lately. In case you haven't heard, there were riots after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final last week. A lot of people attribute the rioting to "angry fans". Others say they were people who weren't even fans, but who were there to cause trouble. I'm not sure who the riot-causers were exactly, but I know for sure that there would have been a riot, win or lose.

You can't exactly say Vancouverites had nothing to do with the riot. Thanks to huge crowds of people in Downtown Vancouver for the game, there were lots of people that joined in. The part that upsets me most has to be the bystanders, a lot of whom stayed around just to film it on their phones or cameras, some who didn't like what they saw. The rioting was done for attention, so the fact that so many people stuck around and gave them that attention is, in my opinion, why it kept going for so long. An odd way to think about it is comparing the riots to Justin Bieber. If so many people dislike the young pop star, why does he have the most popular videos on all of Youtube? People will go just to dislike the video, and end up just contributing to the Bieber fever.

But enough ranting, this is still an origami blog. I originally wanted to fold the Canucks alternate logo with 2 sheets of paper to get the blue, green and white but the model ended up being too messy and with too much wasted paper. I ended up using the same hockey stick shape and adding arms and a body.

Riot, Ryan MacDonell

My colour choice is pretty clear from the picture, but I don't mean to say that riot had to do with the outcome of the hockey game. Take a look at the videos or photos and you will see the same 3 colours are very prominent. Its not all bad news, however. The day after, thousands of volunteers went to Downtown to clean up after the glass and board up windows that couldn't be replaced. To me, this is a better representation of Vancouver citizens. I may live on the other side of the country, but Vancouver is still one of my favorite cities to visit.

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