Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Break From My Break

For anyone that didn't notice, I haven't posted anything since September. This is mostly because I haven't had the chance, and even when I did I couldn't seem to design anything. I finished my first year of university about a month ago and had a lot of fun, sadly though no origami whatsoever. Somehow I also managed to get all my work done too, which I really hope will continue for the rest of my university years.

Anyways, as for the model, it is basically the result of a doodle. I started with a bird/frog hybrid base, similar to what I used for my Kangaroo. After a few folds, I knew that I was aiming for a dinosaur but I wasn't sure which one. I actually took the finished model and looked through pictures until I found one that looked the same. That dinosaur ended up being the Ornithomimus, as you can see from my picture:

Ornithomimus, Ryan MacDonell

Hopefully I will design a few more models over the summer, and perhaps for the school year too. Anyone getting this years OrigamiUSA Convention Book should see my loon diagrams inside as well as plenty of other great diagrams (although I don't think the contents have been released yet).

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