Friday, April 10, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

Some designs can really be surprising, sometimes in a good way. That would be when they end up better than you intended them to. I was trying a think of something to fold when I came up with the idea of folding a simple pureland stegosaurus. This turned out to be harder than I thought it would, so I decided to go without the pureland. I folded a square section with 1/8 diagonal lines just to test whether I could make the plates from it much from it, in the same way as Joseph Wu's One-fold Stegosaurus. This test turned out as a full model with a strange CP. Heres what I mean:
Stegosaurus CP

Some of the details from the base aren't very obvious. The scales are there, as are the head and tail. Theres also these two other flaps that make up the legs. They have to be folded down with a rabbit ear fold and then shaped. On one side, the back leg part has to be stretched so that the legs will match up. The tail just needs some small folds to get the spikes up, while the eye parts of the head need to be squashed.
Stegosaurus, Ryan MacDonell
Stegosaurus, Ryan MacDonell

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Anonymous said...

My favourite model of yours!