Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joyeux Pâques

Its just about easter time, time for the bunny to come out of his den, see the sunlight, and not care if he can see his shadow or not. I can't say that I've ever understood modern easter, what with the bunnies and chicks and eggs. Sure, I understand the "new life" part, but it still seems... strange. Anyways, I intended to just fold a rabbit and instead ended up with a humanoid rabbit, or the Easter Bunny. For this model, I actually designed using circle packing, which is a very strange and messy method when it come to actually making something. However, it worked. I just put on all of the circles and connected the vertices (centers of the circles) with folds. Here is what I ended up with, including how to get the important folds on the sides.
Easter Bunny Guide
Easter Bunny CP

The model does have a strange base, but you can tell where each of the parts come from. After folding the base, the leg section has to be squashed and the head part folded down. Then you can fold the head up and flatten it for the face, and form the tail, legs, arms and ears. the tail is color changed unless you fold the corner over the showing colored section.
Easter Bunny, Ryan MacDonell
Easter Bunny, Ryan MacDonell

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