Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally Back

Its been a long time since I had enough free time to fold something. The beginning of semester homework flow is bound to end soon, and then I'll have time for as much folding as before (hopefully). I designed this model, a water strider, for the flying insects challenge on the french origami forum, as soon as I started looking around for bugs with wings. I wanted something different, and I remembered my brother telling me when I was little that water striders can fly, if they need to. However, usually there are good enough conditions that they can survive without having to fly anywhere.
I originally based this model on a 16:16 grid, but the 32:32 turned out a lot better. Here is the CP.
Water Strider CP

The only thing about this CP is that there are two extra flaps. The top flaps on either side do nothing but occupy the remaining paper, so you can just fold them underneath the model. The upper flaps coming from the center of the paper make the front legs (I took forever to decide on this. Originally, the first two flaps mentioned were front legs, but they were too thick and long). The other two flaps from the center make the wings, which can either rest on the back or be extended when it needs to fly. Please note that I tried something new, backcoated tissue paper. It turned out better than I thought it would, but I need more glue in comparison to water next time.
Water Strider, Ryan MacDonell
Water Strider, Ryan MacDonell

In flight:
Water Strider, Ryan MacDonell

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