Monday, March 16, 2009

Spectacled Bear: Jucumari

I was invited to a challenge at the start of the month called the Spectacled Bear War. Oddly enough, I can't find the page that I was originally directed to, on a blog. Anyway, the idea is to fold a Spectacled Bear and certain models will be picked to go to the challenge. There, they will be judged and the winner will receive a painting involving the spectacled bear and origami theme. I also realized that this model can go into the Black and White challenge on the english forum. Here is the CP that I used for the bear:
Spectacled Bear CP

It is a pretty simple CP, but it includes most of the details other than the head. After folding the head (in the top left corner, by the way) as shown, you need to fold the corner flap about two thirds of the way down, and the the white parts for the top part of the "spectacles". The corner becomes the bottom part. Both parts of the spectacles need to be thinned. After that, you can pull out the ears and flatten the top of the head. Here is what you should end up with:
Spectacled Bear, Ryan MacDonell
Spectacled Bear, Ryan MacDonell

And by changing the head from 1/4 of the edge to 1/5, you get this:
Spectacled Bear, Ryan MacDonell


Anonymous said...

your one is deffinitely better than mine! congrats! (petr.stuchly;flickr)

Frankster said...

Wonderfully done! I posted the photos and a link to Spectacled Bears (aka Andean Bears) so people can find out how you did it. Thanks for sharing. Bear hugs, Frankster aka Bearmeister

Roberto said...

Grandioso y tierno tu modelo