Sunday, April 29, 2007


What could be more eco-friendly than a tree? I wouldn't know. There are probably lots of things out there that may be more eco-friendly.
I was recently challenged to fold a tree. Most people who make trees make them with all the branches, or possibly simply with very few folds. I wanted something different, something simple, yet also 3D. I didn't take me long to come up with this, I didn't even have to write it down on paper before trying it, I just folded it and there it was. It's out of a 32:32 grid (but you don't have to crease the whole thing!):
(First line- 1/8th from the top)
(Second line- 3/8ths from the top)
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And this is what it makes, with the right shaping:
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Roy Flores Gonzalez said...

Cupcake mufin:

Hi, well this is a very nice tree, yea, when you think about making a tree, well you migth think about all the branches and leaves, but, nice model, its simple and 3D jeje.

(sorry if my english is bad im learning yet)

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned, I wanted something simple yet 3D