Tuesday, July 15, 2008


After folding Penrod using Jun Maekawa's devil base, I wanted to try and make my own base using the same method of 22.5° angles. I decided to fold a moth, seeing as I recently saw a Common Clearwing Hummingbird Moth which was at my house. However, I didn't quite get the same proportions or color changes, so my model is just a moth. The CP turned out very well, better than I had expected it would. At first, it only had 4 legs and I couldn't figure out how to get two more. Eventually, I ended up using the unused paper in the top corners to add a flap to each back leg. Here is my CP:

As far as I know, this CP is unique which makes me all the more proud of it. Hopefully I'll be able to use this again for future models. The bottom corners are the wings, and the legs are on the middle and the top of either side. The antennae are located close to the middle. The model is fairly hard to collapse, however with the right folds it should end up something like the following pictures. I hope to make diagrams as soon as I figure out a better way of folding it.
Moth, Ryan MacDonell
Moth, Ryan MacDonell

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