Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Third Year

I realized while I was away that I'd missed my post for my third year, so I figure that I may as well write it now. I kind of slowed down since last year, mainly because of school, and I didn't do very much. However...

I have:
-Folded models for (about) 17 different design challenges
-Designed 50 models (making it 161)
-Changed my diagramming style, and diagrammed my Stegosaurus
-Submitted my Stegosaurus diagrams, and ended up with them and my and Ant diagrams in this years OUSA annual convention booklet
-Received a request for my Man With Bouquet to be in Jean-Jérome Casalonga's book "Minimal Origami" (and accepted)

I didn't end up going to any convention, sadly, and have hardly seen any photos so far. I am looking forward to both convention booklets.

Outside of origami, I ended up with a 95% average in my second semester and was on 3 sports teams at school: volleyball, basketball and track & field. I also received a bursay to travel to Québec for 5 weeks. Hopefully theres lots more to come in the coming year, but I said that last year. I guess we just wait and see!

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Fernanda Gomez said...

Nice creations and love your models. Great job and thanks for sharing them