Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good News!

No, I don't have another model yet. I don't exactly have much time, what with so many things coming to an end and starting up. Hopefully I'll have something else before the end of the month.
First, a few months ago I was e-mailed by Jean Jérome Casalonga asking whether he could include my Man with Bouquet in his upcoming book of Minimal Origami. I, of course, said yes and recently received the finished book, full of minimal origami models with 4 folds or less. It may be a small book, but its packed full of great models and involves plenty of JJ's unique sense of humor. It can be found online on the publisher's website here.

Also, I just received an e-mail saying that the diagrams for my Stegosaurus will be appearing in this years OUSA annual convention booklet, which wont be available for a while. I have to thank Andrew Hudson and Quentin Trollip for reading over my diagrams and pointing out any errors that I missed, and giving me another point of view. Now I just have to keep waiting to find out whether they will be appearing in the 15th Tanteidan Convention booklet.

Again, thank you to everyone that made both of these things possible. Hopefully this will help me to do well enough in my long distance races to make it on to provincials in at least one!

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