Thursday, July 3, 2008

Year 2

Well, it comes the time to announce what I have achieved over the past year, mainly because two years on this date I started designing. Its kind of like a birthday, except without the presents. My list may not be nearly as impressive as last year, seeing as I didn't attend the OUSA convention. Lets see...

This year I have:
-Taken part in over 23 challenges, that I know of
-Changed my design style and started using 22.5° angles instead of boxpleating
-Designed 78 more models, totaling 111
-Drawn diagrams for five of my models using Inkscape
-Won an monthly design challenge on the english forum (11 months ago)

Hopefully I'll have plenty more next year, as I am planning to attend the OUSA convention and whatever else.

In real life, I managed to raise my grades by 2% to a 93, went to France but ended up not meeting Eric Joisel, and am hopefully going to see Quentin Trollip and Joseph Wu while in British Columbia this month.

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